How would you feel if you could look and feel better? While you are scared of going under the knife, plastic surgery is one of the safest surgeries that you would come across today.

The medical procedure whose purpose is to alter or restore the body form of a human being. Is one type of cosmetic surgery. However, it includes several other types of surgeries too such as craniofacial surgery, microsurgery, hand surgery, reconstructive surgery and burn treatments.

If you too need to get a plastic surgery done on your body, we recommend that you opt for the best plastic surgeon to ensure superior and perfect results. With more than a million cosmetic procedures being carried out annually, there are a plethora of plastic surgeons to choose from.


Here are some questions to ask your surgeon to ensure that you hired the best plastic surgeon

* Are you board-certified?

* Have you been trained specifically in this field and what is your area of expertise?

* How many years of training have you received?

* Since how many years are you practicing plastic surgery?

* How many patients have you already performed a surgery on?

* Do you possess hospital privilege to perform such a surgery?

* Am a candidate fit enough to undergo such a procedure?

* How and when will you perform the procedure?

* How do you handle complications if any?

* What are the risks involved in the procedure?

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Tips to Help You Make the Right Decision

However, before you make a choice and settle in on one doctor, we offer some tips which will help you make the right decision and go for nothing but the best.

1. Board-certified-If you wish to hire the best plastic surgeon in Santo Domingo, it is important that you find out whether he is board-certified or not. This will ensure that the surgeon is properly trained and well-experienced in his job and can safely carry out the procedure for the patient.

2. Find out area of expertise-As plastic surgeons can have subspecialties in the field of plastic surgery, it is advisable to find out the area of expertise of your chosen surgeon which should be the same as the kind of procedure you are looking to get done. For example, if you wish to get skin burns treated then your surgeon should be a specialist in treating burns with plastic surgery. Find out how many years of experience he has and how many people has he already performed such surgeries on.

3. Aesthetics factor -A plastic surgeon who shares your aesthetic sensibility will be definitely best for you as what seems beautiful to one person may not necessarily seem the same to another. If you have shortlisted 2 or 3 surgeons for the job, compare each surgeon’s previous procedure results and analyze as to which procedure appeals to you the most. Also check how consistent the results of such previously carried out procedures are.

4. Ability to connect emotionally to the surgeon -A lot of your time is going to be spent with the surgeon both before and after the surgery is done. With the surgery itself being no small affair, it is important that you feel comfortable with the surgeon and emotionally attached to him. You should be able to trust the surgeon and be able to comfortably ask any kind of question that comes to mind.


How is a plastic surgery performed?

In order to understand a plastic surgeon’s job better it is good to have a consultation with the surgeon who will explain in what he will do before, during and after the surgery is done. In the earlier days, a procedure named skin grafting used to be carried out but in recent times, new techniques such as flap surgery or tissue expansion are used to carry out the surgery. Depending on the kind of plastic surgery you are about to undergo, your surgeon will explain to you in details about the procedure used.

It’s quite easy though and often takes less than an hour. The costs are one time so you do not have to worry about recurring payments.

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